Dosing that is
patient friendly6,10

Once a day, easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

When asked, a majority of patients reported the product was easy to use and had an overall satisfying experience.12,13*†

HAVE YOUR PATIENTS Use AMZEEQ ONCE daily in 4 easy steps

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Shake the can well. Make sure it's room temperature. Remove cap.

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Dispense a small amount of Amzeeq on your fingertip.

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Rub into acne-affected areas of the skin, including face, neck, shoulders, arms, back, or chest.

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Leave Amzeeq on the skin as long as possible to let it work. The minimal amount of time needed before bathing, showering, or swimming is 1 hour.

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  • *Subject Satisfaction Questionnaire was completed at Week 12 visit or at the final visit for those subjects that prematurely withdrew from the study. Pooled Amzeeq population (N=972). Patients were asked to describe their level of satisfaction based on a 5-point categorical scale from "very dissatisfied" to "very satisfied."
  • There is no clinical significance to qualitative survey findings.
Application considerations

Due to the yellow tint of the minocycline molecule contained in Amzeeq, patients may experience a temporary, slight yellow "glare" on the skin. This is not staining of the skin and can be washed off with soap and water after waiting the appropriate amount of time.

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Amzeeq may discolor or stain fabrics. Avoid overapplying. Use cold water and mild detergent that does not include oxidizing agents to wash out.

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Patients should not bathe, shower, or swim for at least 1 hour after applying Amzeeq.

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Applying Amzeeq as part of a pre-bedtime routine may help to alleviate practical concerns associated with discoloration of fabrics.

Amzeeq is a topical foam that comes in a 30 g can
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